2010-11 Mills Scholarship Recipients

Calvin Clary

Soil and Crop Sciences/Water Management and Hydrological Science

Demonstrating grazing land BMPs

Ann Conrad

Agricultural Economics

Examining least-cost methods of producing and providing a bioenergy refinery with high energy sorghum and/or switch grass in the Rio Grande Valley

Ishan Desai

Civil Engineering

Removing alklyphenols from effluents used in wastewater reuse by oxidation

Jim Florey

Soil and Crop Sciences

Removing viruses from water/wastewater with organo-clay nanocomposites

Natanya Hayden

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Testing and developing an ecologically benign and sustainable management plan for Golden Algae

Derek H. Husmoen

Soil and Crop Sciences

Recycling and incorporating biochar from pyrolysis of biomass feedstocks and evaluating resulting soil and water quality

Jasjeet Kaur

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Removing of waterborne pathogens using advanced photocatalytic processes

Parvathy T. Kochunarayanan

Civil Engineering

Examining the biodegradation potential of two perfluorinated compounds under anaerobic conditions

John Mieles


Examining the analytical modeling of permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) constructed in the saturated zone

Mark Musumba

Agricultural Economics

Developing and applying a model of groundwater depletion in the context of total Texas water allocation to analyze climate change implications

Michael Neisch

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Studying the effectiveness of grass carp as a control mechanism for giant salvinia

Brandi Reese


Characterizing sulfate-reducing bacteria using sediment sulfate reduction rates and insitu community analysis on the Texas Coast

Min-cheng Tu

Ecosystem Science and Management/ Water Management and Hydrological Science

Modeling soil erosion and sediment transport in Cowhouse Creek Watershed

Dirac Twidwell

Ecosystem Science and Management

Examining the effects of prescribed fire and mechanical brush removal on plant community dynamics and distributed recharge over the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer in Wintergarden

George Umphres

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Using a chemical approach to control the initiation of a Golden Algae bloom

Crystal Watkins

Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences

Evaluating evidence of reproductive abnormalities of western mosquito fish in associations with wastewater treatment plant effluents in Harris County, Texas