2015-16 Mills Scholarship Recipients

John Blake

Civil Engineering

Green water mapping and management for future water savings

Askarali Karimov

Civil Engineering

Extension of water availability modeling for the Rio Grande River using Water Rights Analysis Package. Development short and long-term water reliability and firm yields for Amistad and Falcon reservoir systems using conditional reliability modeling

Kyungtae Lee

Civil Engineering

Impact of future hydrologic extremes on water supply and irrigation water demand under changing climate in Texas

Jifar Nata

Water Management and Hydrolocial Science

Energy, agriculture and municipal demand for groundwater: planning for the future of the San Antonio Region

Kimberly Rhodes

Water Management and Hydrological Science

Quantifying water exchange between the Brazos River and the Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer

Xiangmin Sun

Ecosystem Science and Management

Combined high-resolution remote sensing for measuring evapotranspiration in Brazos County, TX

Evapotranspiration partitioning in dryland ecosystems: A global meta-analysis of in situ studies, Journal of Hydrology

Anastasia Thayer

Agricultural Economics

Assessing crop yields under climate change and decadal climate variability in the High Plains: impacts and adaptation strategies

Liyan Tian


Impact of climate oscillations on precipitation variability in Texas

Gang Zhao

Civil Engineering

Future water availability in Texas cities under urbanization and climate change: A case study in Dallas