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Resilient Southern Plains Agriculture and Forestry in a Varying and Changing Climate

This 1.5-day conference was for invited researchers, extension professionals, and stakeholders from the Southern Plains region of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas to identify regional research and extension priorities and develop a 10-year strategic roadmap for ensuring resilient agricultural and forestry systems in the face of varying and changing climatic patterns.

Conference Report

Roadmap Report


Day 1: Stakeholder Input (70 attendees)

  • Key presentations on the current understanding of varying and changing climate and other factors with their impacts on the Southern Plains agriculture and forestry will provide a backdrop for stakeholders to organize their input for the afternoon breakout sessions
  • Gather stakeholder input regarding priority research and extension needs

Day 2: Working Committee Member Discussions (30 attendees with stakeholders welcome)

  • Focused planning for development of the strategic roadmap
  • Group will break into topic groups following a list of key issues and will produce detailed outlines for their section of the roadmap

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