2011-12 Mills Scholarship Recipients

Danielle Ciose

Soil and Crop Sciences

Watershed sources and fates of DOC

Danielle Dittrich

Soil and Crop Sciences

Nitrate crediting study on cotton under subsurface drip, furrow, and pivot irrigation systems

Aaron Forbis-Stokes

Civil Engineering

Effects of climate change on on-site wastewater treatment systems – Galveston, TX

Jose Franco

Ecosystem Science and Management

Functional diversity and its effects on water‐use efficiency in an organic intercropping system

Si Gou

Civil Engineering

Identifying groundwater dependent ecosystems in Texas

Zengchao Hao

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Urban drainage system design using improved rainfall analysis

Chi-Ying Huang

Water Management and Hydrological Science

Simulation of land use impacts on water resources

Kirk Laminack


The effect of green roofs on water quality

Do Gyun Lee

Civil Engineering

Using molecular assays to determine the biodegradation potential of triclosan in Texas rivers

Jason McAlister

Ecosystem Science and Management

Using digital echosounder profiles to provide high-resolution lake bathymetry and sediment distribution

Jinfei Sheng

Agricultural Economics

El Nino-Southern Oscillation’s impacts on Texas water resources

Sasathorn Tapaneeyakul

Ecosystem Science and Management

Developing a conceptual framework in economic valuation of watersheds

Wei-Wei Wang

Agricultural Economics

Developing an accurate estimate of current and future groundwater resource capabilities

Brant Wilbourn

Agricultural Economics

Identifying and determining the economic and water use implications of alternative irrigation technologies