2009-10 USGS Grant Recipients

Thomas Abia

Texas A&M University

In situ groundwater arsenic removal using iron oxide-coated sand

Joy Archuleta-Truesdale

University of Texas - El Paso

Sources and risks of waterborne pathogens in the El Paso del Norte region

Deborah Carr

Texas Tech University

Biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) at an effluent land application site

Dex Dean

Texas A&M University

Ecohydrology of Forested Wetlands on the Texas Gulf Coast

Takele Dinka

Texas A&M University

Influence of land use and terrain on surface hydrology in shrink-swell soils

Adcharee Karnjanapiboonwong

Texas Tech University

Occurrence of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) at an effluent-dominated wastewater application site: estrogens, triclosan and caffeine

Andrew Leidner

Texas A&M University

Economic analysis of proposed seawater desalination facility in Brownsville, TX

Israel Parker

Texas A&M University

Role of free-ranging wildlife in the deposition of Escherichia coli into a Texas river floodplain

Aarin Teague

Rice University

Lake Houston Watershed Water Quality Prediction System

Yujin Wen

Texas A&M University

Regulated Deficit Irrigation Application and Cotton Production in SW Texas