Rainwater harvesting award recipients honored by TWDB

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) recently announced the recipients of its annual Texas Rain Catcher Award, a rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program.

Awards were given in in five categories: community, commercial, nonprofit, education and government.

TWDB’s 2014 Rain Catcher Award winners are:

  • The city of Austin’s Twin Oaks Library for conducting a pilot study to demonstrate how internet-enabled, real-time control technology is a cost-effective measure for water conservation and stormwater management.
  • The Leadership Montgomery County Class of 2014 for promoting water conservation through rainwater harvesting as its class project.
  • Oohla Bean Bed and Breakfast for providing potable water through rainwater harvesting for its guests and developing its facility with rainwater harvesting in mind. 
  • RainDrop Harvesting Solutions for developing a portable rainwater harvesting system demonstration that can be transported to schools and events throughout the Brazos Valley.
  • The Texas Department of Transportation for developing two rainwater harvesting systems at the Hill County Safety Rest Areas to promote rainwater harvesting and to educate Texans who pass by each day in more than 60,000 vehicles.

Since the program began in 2007, TWDB has recognized 27 entities and one individual.

Read the TWDB news release.

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