#ICYMI: TWRI's Sanchez interviewed by Yale University's Climate Connections

Dr. Rosario Sanchez of the Texas Water Resources Institute was recently interviewed by Yale University’s Climate Connections about the possibility that groundwater could become a source of conflict between U.S. and Mexico.

The interview focuses on the increased use of groundwater with the depletion of the Rio Grande. “Bi-nationally there is no treaty on groundwater between Mexico and the United States. But that doesn’t mean groundwater’s not being used! It’s used, and it’s getting used more every day,” Sanchez said in the interview.

She said that as the climate warms, groundwater in the region could become a source of conflict between the U.S. and Mexico. But to regulate aquifers that cross the border, both countries need to learn more about them.

So Sanchez is gathering data from both sides of the border about the aquifers’ location and use. In the end, she will create transboundary maps the U.S. and Mexico can use to determine how best to manage these increasingly valuable sources of water.

Listen to the full interview.

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