TWJ publishes paper on surface water-groundwater interaction issues in Texas

The Texas Water Journal published the final paper for its Volume 9, Number 1, 2018 titled “Surface water-groundwater interaction issues in Texas” by Dr. Steven C. Young, Dr. Robert E. Mace and Carlos Rubinstein. The paper examines the interaction between the management of surface water rights by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and groundwater use permitted by groundwater conservation districts, where they exist in Texas.

This paper focuses on the complexity of both systems that are designed to manage water resources differently with specific emphasis on where surface water and groundwater interact, according to the abstract. Surface water-groundwater interactions have contributed to disputes over the actual ownership and right to water. The available science and the limitations of the models currently used to make water availability and permitting determinations are discussed, as are the investments in field data gathering and interpretation and model enhancements that can lead to better assessments of surface water-groundwater interactions and impacts.

The journal, an online, peer-reviewed journal published by the nonprofit The Texas Water Journal and the Texas Water Resources Institute, publishes papers as they are complete. It is devoted to the timely consideration of Texas water resources management, research and policy issues from a multidisciplinary perspective that integrates science, engineering, law, planning and other disciplines. It also provides updates on key state legislation and policy changes by Texas administrative agencies.

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