txH2O highlight: How to deal with extremes

April showers have brought some May floods. This month’s txH2O highlight includes a list of resources related to flooding and drought. The article, How to deal with extremes, from the Fall 2016 Texas’ extreme weather issue, provides readers with information about resources they can count on when Texas weather gets intense.

When there is flooding, there are several real-time resources that are helpful for navigating roads in Texas, learning about floodplains, receiving flood alerts and emergency preparedness.

At drivetexas.org, road conditions and closures due to flooding are provided by the Texas Department of Transportation. The Texas Water Development Board’s website, texasflood.org, has suggestions for what to do before, during and after a flood, and how to determine if you live in a floodplain or how to deal with property damage. Residents in several Central Texas counties can receive life-saving flood alerts by registering at warncentraltexas.org.

Read How to deal with extremes to find more science-based, reliable materials and a list of experts to follow.  

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