ICYMI: Mills Scholars spotlight, scholarship recipients announced

In January, we spotlighted our Mills Scholars Program, which awards at least four $5,000 scholarships to graduate students who are pursuing research in water-related studies at Texas A&M University, Texas A&M–Galveston and Texas A&M–Qatar.

The scholarships have been awarded for the past five decades by the W.G. Mills Memorial Fellowships in Hydrology, established in 1967 by Mills Cox.

The 2020 recipients announced in January were:

  • Amanda M. Goldsmith, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Advisors: Dr. Charles Randklev, Dr. Roel Lopez. Research: Using upper thermal limits for select mussel species to guide water management practices in the Edwards Plateau.
  • Rebecca A. Owens, Department of Water Management and Hydrological Sciences. Advisor: Dr. John R. Giardino. Research: The future and fate of microplastics in fluvial systems; potential impacts on biogeomorphology of urban rivers.
  • Alexander H. Kiser, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Advisor: Dr. Charles Randklev. Research: The effects of land use change on threatened and endangered mussel species in Texas utilizing ecological niche modeling.
  • Matthew Stellbauer, Department of Water Management and Hydrological Sciences. Advisor: Dr. Wendy Jepson. Research: Household water insecurities: Tradeoffs, compromises, and dynamics between domestic use and small scale farmer-led production.

Since 2001, TWRI has awarded 196 Mills scholarships totaling $393,770. Many past recipients have gone on to excel in the water resources field.

To learn more about the Mills Scholars Program, visit the webpage or read the article, TWRI program spotlight: Mills Scholars Program.

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