txH2O highlight: On the fast track

In the Texas High Plains, an agricultural region made successful by relying on the Ogallala Aquifer, producers have also been challenged by severe drought.

The article On the fast track summarizes how Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service professionals were able to help producers make the most of their available water resources when they were limited. AgriLife experts collaborated to expedite the adoption of efficient irrigation technologies in the Texas High Plains during the period of drought beginning in 2011.

The irrigation technologies implemented include low-pressure center pivot systems such as low-energy precision application (LEPA) and low-elevation spray application (LESA), as well as microirrigation systems such as microspray, surface drip and subsurface drip irrigation.

Read more about the efficient irrigation technologies used during the 2011 drought in the technology and water issue of txH2O on page 12.

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