txH2O highlight: Planning for the next big one

With hurricane season approaching, this txH2O highlight is an article about planning for flooding in Texas. The article, Planning for the next big one, asks researchers about innovative flood solutions.

According to the article, although flooding is an expected natural occurrence, most years Texas leads the country in flood-related causalities and damages. Experts said that increased population, urbanization and changing climate have led to an increase in impervious surfaces such as commercial buildings, homes and parking lots, preventing floodwaters from being absorbed.

By studying flooding data, providing technical assistance and guidance, creating visualization tools and warning systems and working with local communities, experts hope to lessen the impacts of flooding from bursts of heavy rainfall and saltwater surges from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Other contributors to flooding include increased population growth and urban development, which.

Because flooding is inevitable, one of the most valuable solutions are flood warning systems.

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