New article published in Texas Water Journal Volume 15

Cover image for Texas Water Journal, Volume 15, Number 1:
The Narrows on the Blanco River. ©2020 Erich Ross Schlegel, Texas Water Foundation.

The Texas Water Journal has published a new article in Volume 15, titled Case Study of Groundwater Management Issues at the Forefront of Large scale Production from a Confined Aquifer: The Vista Ridge Project, by Steven C. Young, Carlos Rubinstein, and Russell Johnson.

Continuing population growth, increasing demands for water, and declining water availability are statewide water concerns in Texas. According to the authors, the development and movement of water from where it is located to where it is needed entails benefits to the receiving area and concerns for the area of origin.

The Vista Ridge Project serves as an on-point example and case study of issues that will be revisited with future large water projects across Texas.

To learn more, read the full article.

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