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txH2O highlight: Texas is vulnerable to climate change

April’s txH2O highlight is about the predictions of climate change impacts in Texas. The article, Texas is vulnerable to climate change, from the winter 2008 climate change issue, mentions future challenges resulting from increased populations, hotter temperatures and high greenhouse gas emissions.

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txH2O highlight: Underground and Under Scrutiny

This month’s txH2O highlight was chosen with Groundwater Awareness Week (March 11-15) in mind. Underground and Under Scrutiny from the Summer 2014 groundwater issue of txH2O examines the options for keeping the growing number of residents in Texas supplied with water.

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txH2O highlight: Breaking Barriers

This month’s txH2O highlight focuses on the successful restoration of a Texas wetland project. The saltwater marsh known as Magic Ridge Marsh had blocked tidal flow. Over the years, blocked channels and stagnant, salty waters caused the marsh to degrade.

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A look back: txH2O Highlights

Conservation Matters is beginning a new series highlighting previous articles from TWRI's biannual magazine, txH2O.

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