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New CAST paper published on impact of aquifer depletion on U.S. agriculture

A new Council of Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) paper, authored by a task force of university and government researchers, explores the long-term impact of aquifer depletion on U.S. agriculture, suggesting that increased competition for the use of water from aquifers may negatively affect future agricultural practices in drier regions of the United States.

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Playas: Refilling the Ogallala Aquifer?

Playas are capable of providing up to 95 percent of an aquifer's recharge. The goal of the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative is to restore playas and increase awareness among the public of the important role playas play in their daily lives. Do you have a playa on your land?

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A look back: txH2O Highlights

Conservation Matters is beginning a new series highlighting previous articles from TWRI's biannual magazine, txH2O.

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Learn more about groundwater during Groundwater Awareness Week

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) is celebrating National Groundwater Awareness Week March 11-17 along with the National Groundwater Association, the Texas Groundwater Protection Committee and other organizations across the United States to highlight the responsible development, management and use of groundwater.

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New txH2O examines groundwater in Texas

Did you know groundwater is the largest source of water in Texas, comprising almost 60 percent of water use in the state? Did you also know that storing water supplies underground is becoming an important tool for helping Texans meet future water demands?

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