Ennis Rios

Ennis Rios

Research Assistant


Ennis is a research assistant for the Texas Water Research Institute.

His work includes the application of GIS to develop watershed protection plans and best management practices for hydrologic resource stakeholders.

Before working at TWRI, Ennis served as an information systems technician specializing in computer, radio and satellite communications in the U.S. Navy for 15 years. In 2017, he began attending Texas A&M University as a geographic information science and technology major, joining the Corps of Cadets' Delta Company, comprised of military veterans. He also served as the 2018-19 Deputy Corps Commander and has also been a member of the prestigious Ross Volunteer Company.

Ennis is pursuing a master’s degree through Texas A&M’s Department of Water Management Hydrological Science. His research interests include the confluence of human activity with local freshwater resources. He hopes to work for an organization that develops and implements sustainable water management solutions in high-need communities.