EM-109 The Pond Destroyers: Common and Giant Salvinia (brochure)

Authors: L. Gregory, M. Masser

Salvinias are non-native, floating aquatic ferns. There are two species of salvinia in Texas, common salvinia (Salvinia minima) and giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta). While giant salvinia has been called the worst or most invasive aquatic plant in the world, common salvinia is also very invasive and problematic. Both salvinias can double in size within a week or less with good summer growing conditions. The salvinias are native to South America and were imported into the United States by the water garden and aquarium industries. Common salvinia was first noted in Texas in 1992 and giant salvinia in 1998. Since then the salvinias have covered tens of thousands of acres of public and private waters in Texas.