EM-119 Considerations for adopting AMI and AMR: A comprehensive guide for water utilities

Authors: C. Hawkins, A. Berthold

When considering using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/ Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, every utility has different needs and will have varied experiences in making decisions about changes to its system and how to carry out those changes. As a result, this primer serves as an overview of major considerations for utilities that are considering, or are currently undergoing, a project to change from standard meters to AMI/AMR systems. What follows is a review of important technological aspects, the benefits of an AMI/AMR system, and major considerations important to a successful conversion project. In addition, the book includes some real-world examples of utilities’ and water professionals’ experiences with AMI/AMR conversion projects along with some of the best pieces of advice for tackling conversion projects.