TR-499 Continued Coordinating Implementation of the Leon River Watershed Protection Plan

Authors: A. James, B. Hays, K. Wagner

A watershed protection plan (WPP) for the Leon River below Proctor Lake and above Belton Lake was completed in 2011 and received final approval from the EPA in 2015. A full-time watershed coordinator position was considered critical in initiating and carrying out the implementation process by the watershed steering committee. The watershed coordinator has provided technical assistance to stakeholders, acquired additional funding for implementation strategies, coordinated outreach and education efforts, and assessed the most up to date water quality data to identify if implementation efforts have been successful. Over the last two years the watershed coordinator has acquired $137,500 in grant funds and submitted proposals for an additional $723,174 that could be awarded in the next few months directly related to implementation efforts of the Leon River WPP. Education and Outreach efforts over the last two years included 24 workshops, field days, and presentations that reached more than 1,500 individuals. Implementation efforts have proven successful with four stream segments, including the South Leon, being delisted in the latest integrated report published by TCEQ.