TR-502 Little River, San Gabriel River, and Big Elm Creek Watershed Inventory: Segments: 1213_01, 1213_04, 1213A_01, 1214_01, 1214_02

Authors: B. Jonescu, S. Muela, K. Peddicord, A. Berthold

The Little River, San Gabriel River, and Big Elm Creek watershed is a rural watershed that is impaired for E. coli within the Texas Water Quality Inventory and 303(d) List. Along with many watersheds throughout the state, data is limited and has not been assessed to determine potential sources of pollution or factors that have led to the impairment of the waterbody. To address this need, a geographic information system (GIS) inventory of the watershed was developed and integrated numerous existing information resources into a single location. GIS allows for illustration of many features in a watershed, including waterbodies, roadways, land use and permitted point-source discharges. The data from this inventory will be used in future characterizations of the water body and will be used in watershed-based plans in the future.