TR-256 12 Edition

TR-256 12th Edition Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System Users Manual

Authors: Ralph A. Wurbs

The Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) modeling system simulates management of the water resources of a river basin or region under priority-based water allocation systems. In WRAP terminology, river/reservoir system water management requirements and capabilities are called water rights. The modeling system facilitates assessments of hydrologic and institutional water availability and reliability in satisfying requirements for instream flows, water supply diversions, hydroelectric energy generation, and reservoir storage.

This Users Manual provides the operational logistics for applying the WRAP programs SIM, SIMD, and TABLES by explaining the organization of input and output files and the content and format of input records.

Suggested Citation

Wurbs, R.A. Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System Users Manual, TWRI TR-256, 12th Edition, 273 pages, May 2019.