TR-283 9th Edition

TR-283 9th Edition Fundamentals of Water Availability Modeling with WRAP

Authors: Ralph A. Wurbs

Water resources development, water allocation, and river/reservoir system operations are simulated with the Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) using sequences of historical naturalized stream flows and reservoir surface net evaporation less precipitation rates to represent river basin hydrology. The generalized simulation modeling system is used to assess hydrologic and institutional water availability and reliability in satisfying requirements for environmental instream flows, water supply diversions, hydroelectric energy generation, and reservoir storage.

This Fundamentals Manual serves as an introductory tutorial helping new users to apply the modeling system quickly for simpler water availability modeling applications. With this example-centered abbreviated manual covering only select features, within a few hours, first-time users can become proficient in fundamental aspects of applying WRAP. The Fundamentals Manual also provides a quick reference to basics for experienced users. The basics covered in the Fundamentals Manual are fundamental for any WRAP application and represent all of the capabilities needed for many applications.

Suggested Citation

Wurbs, R.A. Fundamentals of Water Availability Modeling with WRAP, TWRI TR-283, 9th Edition, 116 pages, May 2019.