TR-430 3rd Edition

TR-430 3rd Edition Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Daily Modeling System

Authors: Ralph A. Wurbs, Richard J. Hoffpauir

WRAP is a generalized modeling system providing flexible capabilities for analyzing river/reservoir system water resources development, management, control, allocation, and use. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Water Availability Modeling (WAM) System combines WRAP with input datasets for the river basins of the state. The WRAP modeling system documented by the Reference and Users Manuals [1, 2] was originally developed based on a monthly computational time step. The TCEQ WAM System WRAP input datasets were developed and are routinely applied using a monthly time step.

This Daily Manual documents an expanded version of WRAP that performs computations at an interval of one day and provides additional features for simulating flood control reservoir operations and environmental pulse flow standards.

Suggested Citation

Wurbs, R.A. and Hoffpauir, R.J. Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Daily Modeling System, TWRI TR-430, 3rd Edition, 342 pages, May 2019.