TR-512 Mid and Lower Cibolo Creek Watershed Protection Plan

Authors: Clare Entwistle Escamilla, Xiao Shen, Michael Schramm and Lucas Gregory

The Mid and Lower Cibolo Creek Watershed Protection Plan presents the strategy developed by the stakeholders of the Mid and Lower Cibolo Creek watershed to restore water quality in the creek such that it meets applicable water quality standards. The Mid and Lower Cibolo Creek watershed stakeholders dedicated considerable time and effort in discussing the watershed, its influences on water quality, potential means to improve the watershed and water quality, and in selecting management strategies appropriate for inclusion in the watershed plan.

The Mid and Lower Cibolo Creek is a mixed rural and urban watershed located east of San Antonio. The watershed is predominately rural with a highly developed urban area emerging near the I-35 and I-10 corridors. However, with the increase of residential development and suburbanization, as well as increased hydraulic fracturing activity associated with the Eagle Ford Shale formation, the ecological health of the water body within this region is facing rising potential threat.