TR-516 Coordinating Implementation of the Tres Palacios Watershed Protection Plan Final Report

Authors: Nathan Glavy

The Tres Palacios Creek is a rural coastal Texas water body that drains a watershed home to generations of farmers, ranchers, small businesses, and various communities. In 2006, water quality monitoring conducted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality indicated that fecal indicator bacteria levels and 24-hour dissolved oxygen levels were not meeting state water quality standards. To combat this issue, the Texas Water Resources Institute conducted efforts to review the Tres Palacios Creek’s land and water resources to gather adequate information to develop the Tres Palacios Creek Watershed Protection Plan. The goal of the Tres Palacios Creek Watershed Protection Plan is to restore water quality in the Tres Palacios Creek through long-term conservation and stewardship of the watershed’s resources. To assist with this goal, Texas Water Resources Institute secured the Coastal Management Program Cycle 22 funds to continue the Tres Palacios Creek Watershed Protection Plan implementation strategy efforts.