TR-518 Watershed Characterization of the Tributaries of the Neches River below Lake Palestine: Cedar, Hurricane, Biloxi and Jack Creeks

Authors: Anna Gitter, Luna Yang, Lucas Gregory

The Tributaries of the Neches River below Lake Palestine, collectively called the Middle Neches, includes four freshwater streams located near Lufkin, Texas. Three of the tributaries, including portions of Cedar Creek (0604A_02), Hurricane Creek (0604B_01) and Biloxi Creek (0604M_03), have all been identified to be impaired for elevated concentrations of Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the 2016 Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality for the Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d) (Texas Integrated Report). The fourth water body, Jack Creek (0604C_01), was listed in the Draft 2018 Texas Integrated Report as impaired for elevated bacteria concentrations. Of the four tributaries, Cedar Creek (0604A) and Biloxi Creek (0604M) directly discharge into the Neches River below Lake Palestine (0604). Elevated levels of E. coli have been identified in the Middle Neches watershed since as early as 2000. Initial work in the watershed has included supplemental water quality monitoring, stakeholder engagement and a characterization report of the watershed. Upcoming work includes public meetings, drafting a technical support document and stakeholder discussions for the future development of a Total Maximum Daily Load.