TR-545 Technical Support Document for Five Total Maximum Daily Loads for Indicator Bacteria in the Thompsons Creek Watershed, Texas

Authors: Duncan Kikoyo, Taylor Jordan, Shubham Jain, Michael Schramm, and Lucas Gregory

TCEQ first identified bacteria impairments within Thompsons Creek in the 2002 Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality for the Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303(d) and within Cottonwood Branch and Still Creek in the 2006 Texas Integrated Report. Bacteria impairments have been identified in each subsequent edition through 2020, e.g., the EPA-approved 2020 Texas Integrated Report. This document will consider five bacteria impairments in five assessment units (AUs) of the Cottonwood Branch, Still Creek, and Thompsons Creek. The impaired AUs and their identifying numbers are Cottonwood Branch (1242B_01, 1242B_02), Still Creek (1242C_01), and Thompsons Creek (1242D_01, 1242D_02).