Arroyo Colorado fishing tournament and Stormwater Runoff Conference raise awareness

The Lower Rio Grande Valley - Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (LRGV-TPDES) Stormwater Task Force hosted its 16th Annual Lower Rio Grande Valley Storm Water Runoff Management and Planning Conference April 8-11 on South Padre Island. The conference included sessions on stormwater regulations, permitting changes, watershed protection plans, floodplain management, low impact development, nonpoint source pollution and other water research.

The conference culminated in the Second Annual LRGV-TPDES Stormwater Task Force Fishing Tournament to benefit the Arroyo Colorado Conservancy on April 12. The Stormwater Task Force founded the fishing tournament last year to raise awareness about the impairments and issues facing the Arroyo Colorado, said Jaime Flores, Arroyo Colorado watershed coordinator. The tournament is “a great way for stormwater professionals, engineers, city officials and others to network and get to know one another while enjoying some friendly competition,” Flores said.

“We had some really nice fish weigh in last year to take the top prizes,” he said. “This year the tournament was no different, with some really solid fish coming in to the weigh-in.”

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