Journal publishes new paper on Texas water policy and weather

The Texas Water Journal recently published “Texas water policy appendix: the weather” by Carlos Rubinstein in its Volume 6, Number 1 issue.

In the paper, Rubinstein examines weather events over the past 150 years that have resulted in policy changes at the state and federal level. These changes, Rubinstein writes has helped the state “prepare for, respond to, and prevent weather disasters.”

“Recent droughts and floods have demonstrated that traditional infrastructure must work in tandem with early forecasting and warning systems, which will require effective policies at both the state and federal level to support them along with citizen engagement,” he writes.

The Texas Water Journal is an online, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the timely consideration of Texas water resources management, research, and policy issues from a multidisciplinary perspective that integrates science, engineering, law, planning and other disciplines.

The journal is published jointly by the Texas Water Journal, a nonprofit organization, and the Texas Water Resources Institute.

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