TWRI requests pre-proposals for 2018-2019 graduate student research programs

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) announced its call for pre-proposals for students conducting water resources research. TWRI has funds available for graduate students at Texas universities through two programs, the TWRI Mills Scholarship Program (available to Texas A&M College Station, Galveston and Qatar only) and the U.S. Geological Survey Graduate Research Program (available to all Texas universities).

TWRI anticipates funding 6 to 8 graduate research projects of up to $5,000 each in the area of water resources and hydrology that have the potential to help Texas solve future water problems. The institute expects the funds will become available to graduate students in spring 2018 with a project timeline of one year. Additionally, those students selected for the Mills Scholarship will also be eligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver.

TWRI Research Priorities

Proposed research can deal with a wide range of water resources topics. But, priority will be given to research addressing the science, technology, policy or socio-economics of:

  • Developing innovative water management strategies to aid in implementing the Texas State Water Plan that address agricultural and urban water conservation, identifying new surface water and groundwater sources, desalination, reuse (potable and non-potable, and aquifer storage and recovery;
  • Addressing major water quality impairments in Texas, which includes bacteria, dissolved oxygen, mercury and other hazardous contaminants;
  • Understanding the vulnerability of groundwater resources (both quantity and quality) from both a management and policy perspective;
  • Impacts of climate variability, climate change and drought on Texas water resources, along with measures to adapt and mitigate these impacts;
  • Understanding the long-term effects of catastrophic flooding events on surface water and groundwater resources;
  • Support collaboration with a Texas A&M AgriLife Water Seed Grant project with research that aids in the development of water technology focused on solving Texas water supply issues.

See the request for pre-proposals for additional details. To be considered for these opportunities, students should complete the pre-proposal application and return it to Danielle Kalisek on or before Oct. 31.


Danielle Kalisek is the Assistant Director for Institute Operations for the Texas Water Resources Institute. In this role, she manages institute business, particularly the pre-award through account setup processes and state and designated accounts, she also coordinates communications and websites services and needs for the institute.

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