TCEQ adds interactive watershed, nonpoint source map viewer

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has added an interactive map viewer showing watershed plans and projects in Texas to reduce nonpoint source water pollution.

According to TCEQ, the interactive map includes TCEQ projects, watershed protection plans (WPPs), accepted or in development, and success stories in Texas, funded in part by Clean Water Act Section 319(h) grants from the EPA. The WPP layer includes watershed boundaries as well as information for completed and developing WPPs. At present, the layer for WPP implementation projects only represents TCEQ-led projects.

The viewer also provides information on EPA-recognized success stories in Texas where nonpoint source projects contributed to the restoration of impaired sections of streams and lakes to meet water quality standards.

To navigate through the viewer, read the Nonpoint Source Project Viewer user guide. Read more from TCEQ.

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