txH2O highlight: Where in the world are they now?

With pre-proposal deadlines approaching on Oct. 28 for Texas Water Resources Institute’s (TWRI) graduate scholarship programs, this txH2O highlight is focused on an article about the success of previous scholarship recipients.

The two scholarship programs are the TWRI Mills Scholarship Program (available to students at Texas A&M University College Station, Galveston and Qatar only) and the U.S. Geological Survey Graduate Research Program (available to students at all Texas universities).

Each year, TWRI helps graduate students studying hydrology, water management or any other water-related field at Texas universities by funding research through the two scholarship programs. In the article from the spring 2018 issue of txH2O, the history, details and results of the scholarship program are discussed with brief interviews from six of the recipients that have continued to study water research.

Read the full article about the Mills and USGS-funded graduates, Where in the world are they now?, or see information about applying for the scholarship program for 2020-2021 here: Request for pre-proposals for 2020-2021 TWRI Graduate Student Research Programs.

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