TWRI by the numbers in 2023

The Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) continued to grow and innovate in 2023, providing science-based, community-supported solutions for Texas’ pressing water challenges through internal expertise and external collaborations. 

TWRI by the numbers in 2023: 

  • $18,057,677 in ongoing project external funding received
  • 85 ongoing external projects managed 
  • 10,941,440 acres of watersheds TWRI helped protect and improve in 2023, including 2,137 miles of streams 
  • 393 water samples collected 
  • 18 peer-reviewed journal articles published 
  • 17 committees served on by TWRI staff 
  • 11,384 contact hours TWRI staff spent educating professionals and the public at 85 events 
  • 97 individual collaborators on TWRI projects 
  • 26 full-time TWRI staff 
  • 16,165 total newsletter and magazine subscribers  
  • 10,391 total social media followers 
  • 26 trainings co-hosted or hosted, with 657 total attendees for 4,651 total contact hours  
  • 353 students supported with a total of $1,272,342 in funding since 2001 


As communications manager, Leslie Lee leads TWRI's communications and marketing strategy and team, manages TWRI's publications, and coordinates effective communications support for TWRI's numerous projects serving the state of Texas.

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