Restoring & Protecting

Our Water Quality Improvement Program works to restore many of the more than 400 impaired water bodies in Texas, while also proactively protecting unimpaired watersheds. Learn more.

Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection

We coordinate projects directed toward implementing the watershed protection plan and restoring the Arroyo Colorado.

Attoyac Bayou Watershed

We have worked with watershed stakeholders and others to develop a watershed protection plan that includes management recommendations for E. coli sources that are practical to manage and acceptable to stakeholders. 

Big Elm Creek

Big Elm Creek

We are addressing the E. coli impairment within the Big Elm Creek watershed by supplementing an existing dataset with bacteria and flow data for later decision making by stakeholders.

Crescent Bend Nature Park, Cibolo Watershed

Mid & Lower Cibolo Creek Watershed

We are working with the San Antonio River Authority and stakeholders to develop and implement a watershed protection plan.

Copano Bay

Copano Bay Watershed

TWRI is working with local stakeholders and state agencies in the Mission and Aransas rivers watersheds, the two primary freshwater contributors to Copano Bay watershed.

Leon River Watershed Protection Program

We are working with others to restore and maintain water quality of the Leon River to meet state water quality standards.

Matagorda Basin

Matagorda Basin Water Quality

We are working with communities within Matagorda Basin watersheds to address water quality concerns.

Middle Yegua Creek, Davidson Creek & Deer Creek Water Quality

We are collecting water quality data and educating local stakeholders on the water quality concerns in these watersheds.

Navasota River

Navasota River Water Quality Improvement

We are working with watershed stakeholders to address water quality concerns and improve watershed health and function.

Angelina River

Neches River Basin

We are working with communities within Angelina and Neches Basin watersheds to address water quality concerns.

Baffin Bay

Petronila & San Fernando Creeks Watershed Planning

We are working with Texas Sea Grant, Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries Program, Harte Research Institute at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, and the Nueces River Authority, local stakeholders and state agencies in the Petronila and San Fernando creeks watersheds.

Texas Bacterial Source Tracking Program

We are working with Texas A&M University and the University of Texas Health Science Center to expand the Texas E. coli BST library to enable identification of E. coli sources statewide.