TR-482 Arenosa Creek Surface Water Quality Monitoring Report

Authors: B. Jonescu, L. Gregory, A. Berthold, K. Wagner

This project was initiated to provide updated water quality data for Arenosa Creek in order to determine the persistence of the bacterial impairment of the watershed, while also informing decision makers on potential remedial actions. Indicator bacteria, such as E. coli, are indigenous to the intestinal tracts and therefore feces of birds and warmblooded animals.They are not normally harmful to human health, but can indicate the presence of pathogens that can cause disease.Typical sources of these bacteria in watersheds include birds and mammals (humans, livestock, wildlife, etc.) that are either directly deposited into a water body or enter diffusely through surface runoff.

This study was designed to understand overall trends in bacterial levels, along with determining if levels observed exceed the applied water quality standard. After completion of monitoring, data will be used by decision makers to help formulate management measures in order to address the water quality impairment.