2015 Technical Reports

TR-493 Expansion and Evaluation of Texas’ Bacterial Source Tracking Program

TR-491 Distribution of E. coli levels and recreation use as factor of stream order in the Central Great Plains, Central Oklahoma/Texas Plains and South Central Plains Ecoregions

TR-489 Bacteria Growth, Persistence, and Source Assessment in Rural Texs Landscapes and Streams

TR-483 Non-Traditional Agriculture: Path to Future Food Production?

TR-482 Arenosa Creek Surface Water Quality Monitoring Report

TR-481 Impacts of Institutions on Water Conservation Incentives in the Texas Rio Grande Valley

TR-479 Texas Riparian & Stream Ecosystem Education Program Final Report 2015

TR-478 Pathogen Risk to Human Health in Potable Water Related to Nonpoint Sources of Contamination: Colorado River Alluvium Case Study, River Segment 1428 Phase II Final Report

TR-477 Potential Cropping Benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Applications

TR-476 Basin Approach to Address Bacterial Impairments in the Navasota River Watershed

TR-475 Drought Hazard and Vulnerability Maps for Texas

TR-473 A Review of Discounting Natural Resources