Lucas Gregory encourages good stewardship along La Nana Creek

Lucas Gregory, Ph.D., associate director of the Texas Water Resources Institute, spoke to KTRE 9 News of Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas during the Feb. 16 La Nana Bayou stakeholder meeting about the impact of E. coli in the creek and what stakeholders can do.

"Currently the creek has bacteria levels that are above where the state wants them to be and they need to be reduced to meet the state's water quality standards," Gregory said 

E. coli pollutants can come from livestock and wildlife  anything with hair, fur or feathers. Gregory said homeowners can be more diligent by picking up after their dogs. 

Stakeholder involvement is essential in reducing bacteria levels along the La Nana Bayou, and stakeholders are encouraged to follow the watershed protection plan draft for guidance. 

Watch the KTRE segment online here.

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