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May is American Wetlands Month

May is American Wetlands Month, celebrating the ecological, economic, and social importance of wetlands.

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Land use and climate changes are throwing estuaries off balance

Estuaries — one of the most productive ecosystems in the world — rely on a series of delicate balances. Increasingly, land use changes and climate changes are upsetting those balances.

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Across Texas, diverse wetlands are benefiting Texans — and facing threats

From aquifer-recharging playas to carbon-storing salt marshes, Texas’s diverse wetlands are matched by an equally diverse set of threats. Texans are finding innovative solutions.

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How to build over 4,000 acres of wetlands from scratch

In the face of increasing droughts, 3.8 million people and counting will need more drinking water in North Texas. Water districts have built wetlands to help.

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