TWRI Water Team publishes new paper

A new paper, titled Identifying Barriers to Adoption of Irrigation Scheduling Tools in Rio Grande Basin, was recently published in the online journal, Smart Agricultural Technology. The paper was written by Texas Water Resources Institute‘s Allen Berthold, Ph.D., Ali Ajaz, Ph.D., Taylor Olsovsky and Dhruva Kathuria.

According to the abstract, scientific irrigation scheduling (SIS) tools allow growers to optimize the water use and conserve water by making informed decisions. In the study, the researchers got irrigators' perspectives in order to investigate the barriers to adopting SIS methods in the U.S. part of Rio Grande basin. The study also outlines the factors that influence SIS method adoption.

Multiple technological and economic barriers could slow down the adoption of these technologies.

The results of this study provide guidance to policy makers and extension experts to strengthen water conservation efforts in Rio Grande Basin and other comparable regions in the world.

Read the full paper to learn more or see more articles in the same issue here.

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