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Texas water quality and septic systems

Over 2.2 million Texas homes and businesses depend on septic systems, but these can cause human health and water quality problems if they aren’t working right. Read more to learn ways to find potential funding aid for repairing or replacing failing systems.

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Partnership coordinates septic system repair, replacement

The Texas Water Resources Institute has been working with the Attoyac Bayou Watershed Partnership for the past decade to improve water quality, which includes repairing and replacing septic systems.

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Improving water quality with septic system repair, replacement in Attoyac Bayou

The Attoyac Bayou Watershed Partnership is coordinating a septic system repair and replacement program for residents in the Attoyac Bayou watershed to help improve and protect water quality.

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TWRI publishes septic system guide

Do you own a septic system?

The Texas Water Resources Institute has published a new educational material titled Septic System Maintenance & Inspection Pocket Guide to help homeowners with problem solving and best management practices for their septic systems.

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