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Coffee for the Rio Conchos, Jan. 21

The first coffee break from the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters will focus on the strategic value of the Rio Conchos and the social and cultural importance of this transboundary river.

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Laying the groundwork for transboundary groundwater

One of the main outcomes of the Permanent Forum of Binational Waters’ first conference was the idea for a task force to help strategically focus future work on binational groundwater management.

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Big groundwater issues to be addressed in online conference, coffee breaks

The Permanent Forum of Binational Waters is hosting the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Groundwater Conference titled Innovation and Creativity: Strategies for Unprecedented Challenges. The interactive online event will be Oct. 14-15, 2020 via Zoom. 

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Water unites us: Permanent Forum of Binational Waters established

With almost 2,000 miles of shared borders between the U.S. and Mexico, a passionate group has created a virtual space for binational collaboration that prioritizes solutions, activities and resources to solve transboundary water issues.

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