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Texas water quality and septic systems

Over 2.2 million Texas homes and businesses depend on septic systems, but these can cause human health and water quality problems if they aren’t working right. Read more to learn ways to find potential funding aid for repairing or replacing failing systems.

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ICYMI: How does water quality monitoring work?

August is Water Quality Month, and we are sharing information from the Water Security issue of txH2O, How does water quality monitoring work?, an explainer on the process of watershed restoration.

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It’s Water Quality Month and TWRI’s water team travels to the Texas coast

While August is Water Quality Month, the Texas Water Resources Institute’s water team is always working on water quality, traveling to watersheds throughout Texas. The team is on the road again — this time evaluating water quality near the Texas coast to support local stakeholders in their efforts to restore the water to good health.

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