2014 Technical Reports

TR-480 Implementing Educational Components of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan

TR-472 SWAT 2014 Conference Proceedings

TR-470 Implementing the Pecos River WPP through a Heliborne Electromagnetic (EM) Survey: Final Report

TR-469 Evaluation of smart irrigation controllers: Year 2013 results

TR-468 Water Quality at Caddo Lake, Center for Invasive Species Eradication: Final Report

TR-467 Sustainability of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Partnership and Continued Implementation of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan Final Report

TR-466 Water Value and Environmental Implications of Hydraulic Facturing: Eagle-Ford Shale

TR-465 Evaluation of Canal Lining Projects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas: 2013 Ratings and Analysis

TR-464 Building Partnerships for Cooperative Conservation in the Trinity River Basin: Final Report

TR-463 Preventing Water Quality Contamination through the Texas Well Owners Network (TWON): Final Report

TR-462 Basin Approach to Address Bacterial Impairments in Basins 15, 16, and 17

TR-461 River System Hydrology in Texas

TR-460 Application of the Recovery Potential Screening Tool in the Matagorda Bay Watershed

TR-458 Attoyac Bayou Watershed Protection Plan

TR-456 Attoyac Bayou Bacterial Source Tracking Report

TR-455 Attoyac Bayou GIS Inventory, Source Survey and Land Use Cover Report