2020 Technical Reports

TR-530 Expansion and Evaluation of the Texas Bacterial Source Tracking Program (FY18-FY19)

TR-529 Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan Implementation - Los Fresnos Best Management Practices (BMP) Implementation

TR-528 Bacterial Source Tracking (BST) on Tributaries of Trinity and Galveston Bays

TR-527 Mission and Aransas TMDL Effectiveness Monitoring

TR-526 Watershed Characterization of the Thompsons Creek Watershed

TR-525 Healthy Lawns and Healthy Waters Education Program

TR-524 Characterizing the Middle Yegua, Davidson Creek and Deer Creek Watersheds Final Report

TR-523 Characterization of Middle Yegua, Davidson and Deer Creeks Watersheds

TR-522 Attoyac Bayou Watershed Protection Plan – On-site Sewage Facility Remediation

TR-519 Delivery of a Watershed Coordinator Development Program Final Report 2020