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txH2O highlight: Safe water = Secure water

With populations increasing, there is an increased likelihood of the need for intensive water reuse, according to experts. August’s txH2O highlight is Safe water = Secure water, an article about Texas A&M University researchers studying ways to remove more chemicals from water during the treatment process.

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txH2O highlight: 21st Century Irrigation

Did you know a whole crop can be irrigated using a cell phone app? July is Smart Irrigation Month and TWRI has many resources about modern irrigation practices for producers in our magazine, txH2O.

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txH2O highlight: Advancing conservation

Summer is here, and despite the recent increase in rainfall, water conservation is still important for the increasing population of Texas. txH2O highlight No. 6 is an article about how homeowners and utilities can conserve water using new technologies.  

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txH2O highlight: How to deal with extremes

April showers have brought some May floods. This month’s txH2O highlight includes a list of resources related to flooding and drought.

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